It's the most-viewed viral video of all time.

If you were on the internet in the early days of YouTube, then it's a safe bet you've watched the legendary Charlie Bit My Finger video at least once. Though, let's be real, you've definitely watched it multiple times. Since it was published on YouTube in 2007, the video has garnered more than 881 million views, making it the most-viewed viral video of all time.

The Davies-Carr family, the ones behind the video, are marking its 14th anniversary by ... deleting the video? Sounds a bit strange, right? Well, there's more to it than that.

The family is auctioning off the rights to the video in its new 1/1 NFT form. NFTs—or non-fungible tokens—are unique digital assets that can't be exchanged.

"Now, the iconic video will be removed from YouTube and one person will have the opportunity to own it in its new form as a 1/1 NFT, memorializing them in internet history forever," writes the family in a statement. "The NFT winner will also get the opportunity to create their own parody of the video featuring the original stars, Harry and Charlie."

The auction is set to start on May 22 at 8 a.m. (MT). Sign up to be notified when the auction is live!

"This is not the end of the beloved video, but rather a new beginning."