Now hiring! This Colorado app is providing a lifeline to restaurants—and workers!

Saying that the pandemic has been difficult for businesses is easily the understatement of the decade. Amid constantly changing rules surrounding business operations, social gatherings, and indoor events, few industries were hit as hard as the restaurant industry. Countless restaurants were forced to adjust their entire operating structures on the fly, confronted with a new host of challenges and considerations whenever the CDC's recommendations were updated. Now, these restaurants are facing a new challenge: understaffing.

Despite the difficulties that restaurants have faced in hiring and training staff, there's plenty of good news in this story: A group of Colorado business owners has teamed up to create the Chamba app, a resource that helps people find jobs through an easy-to-use platform that connects job seekers with businesses. Fans of Colorado's vibrant restaurant scene will recognize Jesus Gutierrez, the owner of 3 Margaritas in Broomfield, as one of the key players behind this innovative platform. 

It feels appropriate to see a restaurant as iconically Colorado as 3 Margaritas play such a role in revitalizing the worn-down restaurant industry. In the years since it opened, the Broomfield location for 3 Margaritas has become something of a local icon for its vibrant pink exterior, beautifully painted tables, and top-notch service. Through the worst of the pandemic, Gutierrez was adamant about maintaining high standards for staff and visitor safety without compromising any of the food or service that's made 3 Margaritas such a successful Colorado business. You can immediately feel that enthusiasm in his involvement with Chamba.

Gutierrez joined a team of young Latino entrepreneurs intending to tackle communities that were hardest hit by unemployment. They identified ways in which the pandemic was further compounding the difficulties faces by these communities and have been working to fill those gaps by connecting people who need jobs with jobs that need people. Their process has evolved a lot since then—going from an email subscriber list to a fully realized app that is available across the country. 

This app is particularly notable for being the first job posting app that's fully available in Spanish, further bridging gaps that could be preventing qualified workers from finding employers that would benefit from their skills. For the restaurant and hospitality industries, in particular, this is a game-changer. In fact, the name Chamba is slang for "work" in Spanish! Rest assured—you don't need to speak Spanish to benefit from using Chamba: the app is designed for everyone! 

As this app continues its national rollout, it's impossible not to be excited for all of the potential it holds. You can see Colorado's uniquely endearing spirit in Chamba as the app is already making a difference in communities and industries that were hit hard by the pandemic. 

If you're job hunting or looking for new staff, you can download the Chamba app on iOS and Android. Otherwise, this is another reason on an endlessly growing list to swing by 3 Margaritas in Broomfield! 

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