Do you love dogs? Are you a dog lover looking for a significant other? Dating apps seems to be the new way to make that special connection, and there's a new one in Denver just for dog people.

Dig aims to connect dog lovers with each other in hopes of making that special, tail-wagging love connection. 

Dogs are a big part of our lives and when it comes to dating and relationships, it can often be a sore spot when a potential mate isn't as thrilled about dogs and may not be as understanding about the commitment one has to the pup. The folks behind Dig found themselves in this tough spot a few times; a boyfriend who refused to let a pup in their apartment, those who faked liking dogs just to get a date, even those who would use other people’s pups to get a date then revealing they were not really dog lovers.

So after having these bad experiences, Leigh and Casey Isaacson decided to create an app that was specifically designed for dog people – because being dog owner is not just a box to check on a dating profile, it's a way of life.

“Our overall goal with Dig is to provide an easy, fun way to connect dog lovers who are looking to find more love in their life of the two-legged variety,” says Casey Isaacson, co-founder of Dig, in a press release.

dig dates

Courtesy of Dig (Facebook)

Another problem dog lovers run into is that sometimes while the humans may be a great match, the dogs just won't get along. This makes it pretty difficult to have everyone together, can cause resentment, and ultimately, may end up in relationships that fizzle out. Dig allows you to see all of this stuff up front, so if Zeus the great Dane doesn’t like little dogs like Cookie the chihuahua, their owners will know ahead of time and can connect with dogs and owners that are more like them.

Dig also offers tips on planning dog-friendly dates, dog care tips and tricks, and connects dog owners with local businesses. They also set up events like speed dating with your dog to give users another way to connect.

The idea is that man’s best friend is also man’s best wingman (pawman?).

example profile


Image of an example profile, Courtesy of Dig

As Leigh Isaacson says on, "If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid of commitment, is empathetic, and is even likely to live longer, you should be dating a dog person. Find someone you really dig.”

Dig has been active in Denver for a few weeks now, so if you are looking for the love of a dog lover you are going to want to check this out. You can download the app right from the webpage, as well as on Google Play.  

What do you think about this new dating app for dog lovers? Will you be trying to find that perfect match for you and Fluffy? Let us know in the comments below!