Season 2 of "The Mandalorian" may be over, but now you can bring Baby Yoda home!

Can't get enough of Grogu (formerly known as Baby Yoda)? Feeling the woes of life without The Mandalorian? Well, now you can bring the cute, blue macaroon-loving, frog-eating Jedi to life right in your own home. 

Baby Yoda has invaded Google searches, so the company decided to create an AR version of the little green guy that fans can download for free. All you have to do is google "Grogu", "The Child", "The Mandalorian", or "Baby Yoda" on your smartphone and the search engine will add a button on your screen that says "See The Child in your space". The icon can be found underneath a Wikipedia page insert detailing information about the lovable Star Wars character.

Once you've found the icon, click on "View in 3D". Depending on what type of phone you have, Google may prompt you to download its app and request access to your photos. After downloading the app, you'll be directed to Baby Yoda's AR tool. Once you see a camera application open up, wave your phone around until you see Baby Yoda appear on your screen. Now, you can position him wherever you want and have some fun! The Child will make noises, move his head around, and even give you the stink eye! 

Tips and Tricks for the Tool

Pomsky and Baby Yoda

I checked out the AR tool for myself and had some fun with the pup. Here are some tips and tricks to help get you started:

  • You can change the size of Baby Yoda to make him look closer or further away from your camera. All you have to do is pinch the little green guy with your thumb and index finger and spread your fingers closer together or farther apart.
  • Don't screenshot. Instead, use the camera tool within the app as the images will come out clearer. If you allow the Google App access to your photos, these shots will then be saved into your photo gallery. 
  • Be patient. Wait for Baby Yoda to move his head around and you can snag a stink eye or his cute "I'm not eating frog eggs" face.

Fans Having Fun with Baby Yoda

Mandalorian fans all over the world have already started to tweet some of their AR masterpieces. Check out some of these cute shots for some inspiration of your own.

That dog can definitely see Baby Yoda and he doesn't like him at all.

There's that stink eye!

Baby Yoda admiring his many minions:

Now, Baby Yoda isn't the only AR character available on the Google app. Search around and you'll also be able to find AR hippos, red pandas, giraffes, and so much more. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself and send us some of your best Baby Yoda shots!