From gender-neutral brides and grooms to extinct animals and bubble tea, the next emoji update will add 117 new emojis for all types of people!

Over the years, emojis have become a part of our everyday language, and as the times change, we've come to expect our favorite little in-text cartoons to change with us. Each year, Unicode gets heaps of suggestions for new emojis, and the list for 2020 has been finalized. 

We have some really fun options coming at us, like a classic disguised face sporting over-the-top eyebrows, glasses, and mustache, alongside the tearfully overjoyed addition. We'll also the upturned hand with pinched fingers or the "Italian head gesture" (with skin tone variations) that would be a great option when you need to show just how perfect something is. There will also be a ninja with the different skin tone options, because who doesn't want to be a ninja? 

overjoyed, disguised and pinched finger emojis

Courtesy of emojipedia

There are a bunch of new animals and food emojis coming as well. You can show your love for black cats, polar bears, and seals, or you can use the dodo bird and mammoth to show your appreciation for the animals that have already gone extinct. Do you love insects? If so, you have a few new creepy-crawly options like beetles, flies, and worms. A handful of the new food options include some ridiculously good-looking blueberries, peppers, and bubble tea. Are you more of a fan of tamales, fondue or flatbread? This emoji update will have you covered there, too!

Even though these additions are so cool and fun, there are a ton of fresh options and variations that are all about inclusiveness. We have different variations of dads bottle-feeding their babies, and even diverse breastfeeding mom emojis! This update will also bring a lot of representation to the LGBT+ community. There are several variations of women in tuxedos, men in bridal wear, and even a gender-neutral Santa, named Mx. Clause. In addition to the people emojis, we will also see the transgender flag and symbol added to the roster.

Check out all 117 new emojis here:

Personally, I use hundreds of emojis every day, and I can't wait for the update to come. The use of emojis has evolved the way we communicate, and it's refreshing to see the number of them grow each year with all types of people in mind.

While there is no set date for the update, we can probably expect these in the second half of 2020.

What are your favorite new emojis coming this year? Let us know in the comments!