Could this new app revolutionize the way Americans purchase a home? 

You might have swiped right when it comes to finding love online, but could you swipe right on your next house purchase? One app is looking to change the way home buyers purchase real estate. The app Casa Blanca has a user interface that allows you to swipe right on homes you're interested in and left on homes that you're not.

During the pandemic, a surge in home buying was the result of historic low-interest rates and a housing market that was saturated with a variety of home options. The frenzy was also fueled by Americans looking to leave the big city and purchase homes in suburbs instead because of fears heightened during the pandemic. 

How to Shop through Casa Blanca

The app—which is only live for New York real estate, currently—works much like any other website or app that matches users to what they're looking for. You start by inputting your preferences, including desired rooms, location, price range, and whether or not you want to buy or rent. Then the app gives you a selection of homes that fit your criteria. When you match on a home, Casa Blanca will connect to you with one of 15 agents who will book a showing for you and give you additional information on the property.

Casa Blanca App

Credit: Casa Blanca

Could this new app be the future of homebuying? With millennials now entering the housing market, and many being first-time home buyers, the app does have the potential to succeed in this technology-driven world. Casa Blanca isn't the first app to revolutionize the way hopeful homeowners shop for a place to live, however. Throughout the pandemic, popular sites like Zillow have paved the way in virtual home tours so that people can continue shopping for a home while maintaining social distancing.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Casa Blanca is the fact that it represents the future of home buying. With people being more at a crunch for time than ever, the app saves users time, energy, and money in the home-buying process. 

Incentives of Casa Blanca

What does allow Casa Blanca to stand out from other real estate websites like Zillow and are the cool incentives that come along with it. Some of the incentives include a 1% cashback rebate that you get upon closing. During the traditional homebuying process, buyers will usually be stuck with these often expensive closing costs, so an incentive like this can be very attractive for some. This rebate is displayed for you to see as you browse through different properties. 

As Americans continue to purchase homes during this pandemic, it has become clear that technology aims to keep up with the times, no matter how challenging they might be. 

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