Introducing the Permission 2 Game Podcast!

If you've ever referred to yourself as a geek, nerd, a gamer, or all of the above, welcome home. Introducing the all-new Permission 2 Game podcast, where hosts Aaron Wood and Evan McKenna—two grown-ass dads who aren't ashamed to game—press play on the realm of video games.

Here, you'll find everything from what's happening in the gaming world, from new game reviews to old console nostalgia and what games you should play with your kids. So if you're into mashing buttons and yelling at the TV, save these guys from their day jobs and tune in! 

In this episode, you'll get to know what this podcast is all about, who the hosts are, and a full review of Luigi's Mansion 3—one of the most-anticipated games of the year. It's going to be fun! Also, Aaron shares the time his wife overheard him breathing heavily during intense gameplay and Evan talks about managing married life amid a "mild" Nintendo Switch Zelda addiction. (Hope you don't get in trouble, Evan.)

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