Coloradan-created app hooks up those with parking space and those who need a spot.

How many times have you tried to park near an event or popular restaurant only to be shut out of parking? You probably ended up driving around car-packed streets getting totally excited over what looks like parallel parking but ends up being a driveway. An empty driveway, at that.  

This is what happened to Boulder-native Reese Barracks. After circling the jam-packed streets looking for parking ahead of a CU football game, all he saw was empty driveways and was inspired to find a way to put them to use that would be mutually beneficial for all involved. Barracks connected with co-founder Tyler Cagle to build the app, and in August 2018, Drivewayz was born.

"Drivewayz makes parking smarter," says the app's website. "Tell us where you're going, and we'll show you the best private parking spots nearby. Choose where and how long you'd like to park, all in the app."

It's a simple, and super smart, concept. Hosts can sign up to rent out their driveways for an hourly fee, so it literally makes money for basically zero effort on the homeowners part. The app will then connect those looking for parking to the closest, cheapest, and most convenient spots near their destination. 

"Have an empty parking spot? Host your driveway, apartment, or other available parking space on our app and start earning money today," the app says. It's important to note that you must either own or have permission to rent out a parking space, as people are 100 percent guaranteed to get irate if you rent out their driveways without their knowledge. 
The app has gone live in markets across the country, including Denver and Boulder, but it is in a growth phase and looking for more hosts. Currently, the company is not liable if something happens to your car or you while in a host's driveway, but Drivewayz hopes to be able to add coverage as it grows. 
What do you think of this parking app? Would you host cars in your driveway? Would you rent out a driveway from a host? Let us know in the comments!