Signs of the times ... Literally.

Sometime this month or next, iPhones should be loaded with 117 new emojis that come along with the latest iOS 14.2 update. And these emojis are some of the most "inclusive" yet.

From gender-inclusive Mx. Claus to a man wearing a wedding veil, emojis are certainly branching out. In addition, the new emojis will include an Italian hand gesture, multiple genders feeding a baby, a beaver, bubble tea, ninjas, a roller skate, a plunger, a black cat, a woolly mammoth, and a transgender flag.


Some Android devices may already have the new set of emojis available to them. But they're expected to drop on Apple phones in October or November.

In addition, plans for emojis being released in 2021 are well underway. Some of those will include male emojis with longer hair and beard options, a burning heart, and a mended heart.

Which emoji would you develop? What's missing from the current lineup? Tell us in the comments!