Social media platform challenges users to wear a mask if they want an edit button.

Want to edit that tweet? Twitter might make it possible with one pretty big caveat: everyone needs to wear a facemask first. 

The company posted the pledge last week and set the platform ablaze with speculation. It was retweeted almost half a million times in less than a day, sparking widespread debate about what the company meant.

Twitter has yet to elaborate much on the whole thing but has clarified that everyone means, well ... everyone

"As Twitter Comms Tweeted, everyone means everyone," a spokesperson for the company told CNN Business. "Nothing further to add beyond this!" 

Unlike other major social media platforms, Twitter does not allow for editing of tweets once they are posted, so one faces the choice of either completely deleting a comment or tweet, or simply living with the offensive typo or other cringe-worthy things they may want to change.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has acknowledged that the feature would be beneficial, while also saying that he doubts the company will ever actually make that change. He has explained that there is a gray area of sorts when it comes to edits and retweets, with a possibility of original posts being edited after they are shared. 

It is likely that Twitter made the post in an effort to encourage wearing masks, as the number of coronavirus cases is rising again, and wearing masks has been mandated in several areas and encouraged by health officials and doctors. 

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