It's a performance unlike any other!

One iconic song we, and most of the world, never get tired of is “Africa” by Toto. The melody just pulls you in, and the song has been covered by thousands of artists over the years. 

However, the most recent video we've seen online featuring the beloved song is a very unique way, and it's one we just can't stop watching—it's electric, literally. And that's because this version of "Africa" is played 100 percent on Tesla coils.

The video by Franzoli Electronics was posted last week and already has nearly 220,000 views on YouTube. Check it out below!

The visual show is fascinating, sparks are flying, and the song is played quite well, in a way we have never heard before. The creator posted a short explanation with the video:

“For those who did not understand what is going on this video, here's a brief explanation: The main loud music really comes from the tesla coil sparks. They are literally playing the music due to the programmed phase, pulse width and firing frequency! So, there are no speakers, no audio/video special effects. It looks even better in person and sounds almost the same, just without the beat/percussion backing track.” 

The music is created using a set of Tesla coils, which are devices that use resonant circuits and alternate currents to produce an extremely high voltage. These were invented in 1891 by engineer and famed inventor Nikola Tesla.

This is not the first musical masterpiece that Franzoli Electronics has created, in fact, there are several more posted on the YouTube channel. Watch the "Canon in D Major Meets Singing Tesla Coils" video below.

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