Here's why this automotive expert and enthusiast prefers his 1987 Scirocco over all modern vehicles.

From airbags and crumple zones to automatic transmissions and hybrids, cars have evolved significantly over the last few decades. Much of this progress has been invaluable for the safety of the driver, the efficiency of the vehicle, and the greater good of society as more drivers enter the roadway. Not to mention convenience, do any of us really miss manual windows and door locks? Or getting a nice calf exercise working a manual transmission through rush hour traffic?

But with progress comes costs, and there is a looming sad reality that as technology advances, we lose a little bit more of the human touch that makes driving so exhilarating. 

Jason Cammisa is a renowned automotive journalist previously holding positions with Road & Track, Automobile Magazine, and Motor Trend. Translation: he's been behind the wheel of just about anything with four wheels. His car of choice after driving Lamborghinis and Porsches all day? A 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco. Jason says that "the lovely combination of reliable enough, fast enough, modern enough, but raw works as a perfect bar to judge all modern cars against."

Jason has owned the car since his college years, which has given him many hours behind the wheel, and many more doing the work to keep it running. His connection with his beloved Scirocco encapsulates the ever-changing relationship between man and machine.

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