If we can't be together in-person for Thanksgiving, we're thankful that Zoom is giving us the gift of time to talk.

Whether you've made the choice to stay safer at home or family members are on the other side of the globe, you can still enjoy chatting face-to-face with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day. Video conferencing provides a way to see facial expressions and connect, even virtually. 

See the grandkids' smiles, spot your aunt's knowing look, and share new memories together ... for as long as you'd like.

Thanksgiving is one of the top holidays where extended families come together to enjoy each other and consume generous amounts of favorite dishes. Though this year, many families have chosen a virtual holiday. To keep family members healthy, especially those who are older or at higher risk, some are choosing to stay home with immediate family who live under the same roof.

Setting up an account on Zoom is quick and free. If you're willing to give a virtual Thanksgiving a try this year, we've also collected tips on how to navigate a family video chat without losing your mind.

As a leading video conferencing service, Zoom has stepped up in 2020 to provide individuals, nonprofits, and businesses a way to communicate safely. Zoom has pricing plans for every budget and need, ranging from free to nearly $200 per year. Zoom's free plan includes a 40-minute limit on group calls. While it's feasible to work within this limit throughout the year, we're all thankful to have this limit lifted by Zoom on Thanksgiving.

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