"The potato head of Palencia" sculpture is the latest of many botched art restorations.

Here we go again. Yet another botched art restoration is taking the internet by storm, this time a Spanish sculpture in the town of Palencia. This comes shortly after a 17th-century painting of the Virgin Mary was disfigured during cleaning this summer, then made even worse when they tried to fix it. In fact, these botched restorations are so common, it almost seems like they're becoming their very own art genre, as one Twitter user put it. 

Undoubtedly the most infamous of these restoration attempts is the "Monkey Christ" painting that went viral in 2012. Though the internet basically tore it to shreds through memes and ridicule, the painting has since become a major tourist attraction. Thanks to the painting's popularity, the small Spanish town of Borja now receives four times the visitors they did prior to the phenomenon going viral. 

These stories usually have happy endings, despite initially provoking some scrutiny and mockery. We'll have to see how the "potato head" sculpture plays out for Palencia. But first, let's get a closer look at the restoration that has the internet transfixed once again. 

This is what the original sculpture looked like:

original sculpture
Courtesy of Yoshitomo Saito (Facebook)

And ... this is the sculpture after the restoration:

restored sculpture
Courtesy of Yoshitomo Saito (Facebook)

I'm no sculptor, but yikes. Once the images started circulating on Twitter, people had lots to sayβ€”even dubbing the sculpture, "the potato head of Palencia." 

Some related to the sculpture's new look and recognized the meme potential.

Of course, we can't forget the botched restorations that came before "potato head."

And while some reacted in horror, others showed appreciation and amusement.

He's got a pointβ€”I would definitely want to see the new sculpture if I was ever in the area. Maybe Palencia will see a tourism boost as Borja did with "Monkey Christ."

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