Move to warm southern Italy, and enjoy mountains, sea, and a chunk of change to establish your dream life! 

Who hasn't dreamed of lounging in an Italian villa, enjoying the year-round warm weather, sipping wine or espresso and all the local region has to offer? Calabria, Italy wants to make that dream a reality for those who are ready for an adventure!

The region in Italy has been struggling for years with a declining population in various towns. In fact, more than 75 percent of the several hundred Calabria towns have fewer than 5,000 residents. In an effort to save those communities that are particularly in decline, with less than 2,000 inhabitants, Calabria is offering people $33,000 to move to the towns and help revitalize the economies and neighborhoods. 

The villages are located throughout the region, giving several options to live by the sea, the mountains, or both. The hope is the offer and location will attract active professionals and millennials who are ready to breathe new life into the failing communities. 

The funding comes with a few stipulations, however: only those 40 years old and younger can apply, and they must move to Calabria within 90 days of application approval. In addition, they have to commit to starting a small business or stepping into jobs and pre-existing businesses. Funding may also be available to help start-up businesses. 

The $33,000 will be distributed monthly for two to three years and is called "active residency income" to help cover living expenses and much more. 

"We want this to be an experiment of social inclusion. Draw people to live in the region, enjoy the settings, spruce up unused town locations such as conference halls and convents with high-speed internet. Uncertain tourism and the one euro houses are not the best ways to revamp Italy's south," said Gianpietro Coppola, mayor of Altomonte, to CNN

The "active residency income" project is expected to be launched within the next month or so—keep your eyes peeled for the application launch. Towns like Civita, Samo, Precacore, Bova, Caccuri, and Santa Severina are among those that will be participating. 

Would you seriously consider moving to Italy? Let us know how you would work, play and live in Italy?