Check the database to see where YOU land on the Naughty and Nice List.

Why wait until Christmas Day to see if you're going to end up with coal in your stocking? Thanks to the North Pole's Department of Christmas Affairs, you can already see where you stand in Santa's eyes through the recently published Naughty and Nice List.

Click here to find your name on the list (be prepared to scroll; there are a lot of people in the world!).

And if, like me, you find that you've been determined to fall under "Naughty," head to Page 173 of the report to file a dispute or Page 174 to learn about rehabilitation. 

"This list relates to the people of the world’s performance for 2020 against the measures outlined in the Christmas Behaviour Statements," the Nice and Naughty List's "About page" states. "In addition to providing an alphabetised list of all naughty and nice people for the year 2020, this document contains details of how to rectify a naughty reputation."

Don't see your name? Help Santa check it twice by submitting your name to him here.

According to the Department of Christmas Affairs' website, the division is a relatively new part of the North Pole's government, established a couple of years ago to be responsible for gift manufacturing and coordination; reindeer transport security; naughty behaviour processing, enforcement, and rehabilitation; gift distribution management; and Christmas Eve assistance. (Sounds like Santa is delegating a bit).

So, did you end up on the Naughty List or the Nice List? Tell us in the comments!