Historic winds shattered the glass bridge.

An image of a man suspended on a shattered glass bridge in China has gone viral.

A tourist at an attraction in the Piyan Mountain scenic area on Friday was left stranded after the glass-bottomed bridge was left in shambles after high gale-force winds blew parts of it apart, state media said, citing the city government.

The man was stuck for more than half an hour as 93 mph winds hit the bridge. Thankfully, he was able to climb to safety due to a rescue effort by police, firefighters, and forestry personnel. The tourist was sent to the hospital for evaluation.

The Piyan Mountain bridge overlooks a bend in the Hailan River and sits about 330 feet in the air. At a time, up to 1,500 people have crossed. The glass-bottomed bridge is advertised as offering its guests an experience similar to “hanging above a bottomless chasm.”

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