The "ship" appears to be about 400 feet in size, and the conspiracy theories are just as grandiose.

Did you have an Illuminati ice ship on your 2020 bingo card? 

About 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica lies the latest mystery uncovered by Google Earth users, and it's taking many on a conspiracy voyage of epic proportions. 

YouTuber MrMBB333, who calls himself an Earth Watchman, shared a video depicting what appeared to be a large luxury liner on an iceberg near the South Pole. MrMBBB333 has done some serious digging into what he thinks is evidence of a complex, complete with parking, some kind of cylinder, and a ship out there in the middle of nowhere. 

"This looks like a random iceberg, right? But there's things on this iceberg that don't look necessarily random. It looks like it has purpose," he said in his YouTube video.  

Check out his video on his Google Earth discovery: 

"You look down on it, and it looks like the outline of a ship. This measures 400 feet long, whatever that looks like, it looks like a ship," MrMBB333 said. 

To be fair, it does look like a luxury liner ... and that has caused a lot of conspiracies to float to the surface.

The usual Illuminati theories have been launched, claiming the ship is actually part of an escape plan for the world's elite in the event of an emergency. Part of that claim is that it could be more than a ship, but an alien space ship, as well. 

Another prevailing theory is that it is a ship from a supposed Nazi base on Antarctica, which then morphed into more than just a secret base holding Nazi gold to a Nazi-alien mashup worthy of the big screen.

User Galaxy Malachi left these thoughts on YouTube page: "Remember I'd already told you about Hitler had an under ground base within Antarctica dealing with a certain group of extraterrestrial beings they r the blond haird blue eyed beings thoe there are a few other's that look a like they r or were here they gave him they're DNA samples to make hybrid humans a New race."  

Could it be something as simple as a capsized icebreaker? Sure. Is it just a big chunk of ice? That's my guess. Is there any truth to the conspiracy theories? Almost certainly not, but this is 2020, and all bets are off. 

What do you think? Share your theories in the comments below!