Try saying "Spice Girls 'Spice World' Spice Bus" five times fast!

Now that we're slowly beginning to travel again, it's as good a time as any to live out your Spice World dreams—on the Isle of Wight, of all places! Take a trip back to the '90s by staying in the original double-decker "Spice World" Spice Bus, decked out in true Spice Girls fashion.

Host Suzanne Godley describes herself as "a huge fan of the band." While the original exterior remains "exactly as it did in the Spice World movie, with its iconic Union Jack-painted exterior," she and her boss at Island Harbour Marina have transformed the interior into a fun, livable space that strives to be "just as iconic as the outside!"

spice girls bus airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

The space has two floors, with one double bed, one single day bed, a table with bench seating, and a small living room, with "three Union Jack cinema-style chairs for relaxing in front of the TV or listening to 'Wannabe' on repeat on the old school CD player." There's a dressing room area as well with a rail and dressing table—"perfect for Spice Girl-inspired makeovers." The whole decor scheme is both chic and notably, Spice Girls themed, "with little nods to each of the Spice Girls" and fun, period-appropriate details, like '90s magazines and a basket full of scrunchies, according to Cassandra Stone for Scary Mommy. The driver's seat also remains intact, but the bus is parked firmly in place overlooking a beautiful marina. 

And while there's no kitchen or bathroom (it is, after all, a bus), the Spice Bus does include a mini-fridge, and there's a "facilities block ... a few steps from the bus for your private use." It includes a "toilet, sink and shower room" with "toiletries and towels." While there's a bar and restaurant on-site, if you and your guests don't want to eat out for every meal, the facilities block also includes a "kitchenette area with a sink, kettle, microwave, cutlery and crockery."

Ironically, the Spice Bus wouldn't fit all five Spice Girls—the space is designed for up to three guests. Still, for a reminder that "friendship never ends," grab your girls, your old Spice Girls CDs, and "spice up your life." 

Check out the retro-chic space here! 

We would love to have a fun girls' weekend here! What would you do on a Spice Girls-themed trip? Tell us in the comments.