Got about a $1 on hand? If so, you have a fixer-upper to inhabit in Italy. 

Do you dream of Italian villas and rolling hills as far as the eye can see? You're in luck because Bisaccia, Italy, dreams of having you live there, too!

Picturesque Bisaccia, in the southern Campania region, is taking a pretty drastic measure to help ensure its future. For only 1 euro (currently about $1.10), you can buy a building in the town and live out the Italian dream.

In all, the town is putting about 90 buildings on the market; the only catch is that the buildings are probably what you'd classify as "dilapidated." But, hey, for a dollar, who cares, especially when you are living atop rolling hills surrounded by low forest, overlooking Roman ruins.

Bisaccia is the latest community in Italy and other countries, including Greece, that are providing incentives to encourage people to move there and keep them viable. 

Unlike others, however, Bisaccia is hoping to attract groups or families to move within its city limits. That's because the buildings up for sale are in the oldest part of town and more conducive to community-style living rather than individual residences. In a boon for buyers, the town owns all the buildings, so there is no haggling with private owners to deal with.

"We face a very particular situation here," the town's deputy mayor, Francesco Tartaglia, told CNN Travel. "Forsaken houses are clustered together, one next to the other along the same roads. Some even share a common entrance. That's why we welcome families, groups of friends, relatives, people who know each other or investors to join forces. We encourage them to buy more than just one house to actually have an impact and breathe new life."

If this sounds like an offer you can't refuse, you'll be expected to renovate your building, but that's it (though, depending on the building, it could be quite a bit of work). There are no monetary or living-time requirements you have to adhere to. Unlike many other towns that are making similar offers to move in, Bisaccia does still have thriving areas, so you can still enjoy modern amenities (not to mention amazing food), and it's located in an amazing place for day-tripping to some of Italy's most beautiful and historic places. 


The red dot marks the spot of Bisaccia | Courtesy of Google Maps

The only thing that might deter you are earthquakes, the last severe one in 1980, which contributed to the town's population decline. 

But, if you're willing to chance it, you'll get a place to live for an incredible price surrounded by a community known to be friendly, fun-loving and fiery. 

"Bisaccia is dubbed the 'genteel town' because, despite the hardship, its people have always been respectable, welcoming, hard-working and resilient," Tartaglia said to CNN. "Newcomers here are pampered and taken care of. We want this place to shine again." 

We've not been able to find a website to visit with more information on the offer. But, if you do a Facebook search for the town or the name of the mayor mentioned in this story, you can find some information that can start you on the path.

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