Fun gimmick brings some smiles in a time of distancing.

Let's be honest: we do our best to guestimate the 6-foot space we are to leave between each other, but I imagine we've all found ourselves encroaching on someone else's social-distancing bubble.

One cafe in Schwerin, Germany, has figured out how to ensure the proper distancing practices and to bring a little humor to the current times.

As Germany slowly begins easing its lockdown restrictions, eateries are reopening and welcoming back customers, with social distancing and proper hygiene practices in place. Cafe Rothe decided to celebrate its opening and observe the safety recommendations in a unique and hilarious way ... pool noodle hats.

The patrons on reopening day were all provided pool noodle hats, that ensured they kept clear of other's space. There's no doubt that walking into someone's noodle hat would remind you to stay away. Plus, it could also lead to some fun pool noodle hat duels ... I sincerely hope someone at the cafe took advantage of this opportunity. 

Roughly translated to say: like this today ... distance measurement. 

The cafe says it was just for fun, and it's not a permanent requirement for patrons. 

"In these difficult times it's a pleasure to make others smile," restaurant owner Jacqueline Rothe said to, who broke the story. 

The post has gone viral across the world, and has picked up much press attention for its innovation and humor. Though, it bears noting that this American beat them to the punchline several weeks ago. 

pool noodle guy

Germany began reopening in late April after being on lockdown since mid-March. According to, most commercial space under 8,600 square feet have been allowed to reopen with distancing and safety measures strongly recommended. 

What do you think? Funny? Would you wear a pool noodle hat to keep others at bay? Let us know in the comments below.