In the sewers beneath Mexico City, a hulking behemoth was hidden for years and dragged into the light only days ago. 

Larger than a human, a monstrosity was unleashed upon the people of Mexico City, its unnatural hibernation disturbed by workers cleaning out the drains to combat torrential flooding. You read that right, and this isn't "The Weekly World News"—a "giant rat" was found and pulled out of the sewers ... but it's a fake rat.

Mexico City resident Evelin López has claimed ownership of the prop saying to Border Report that she made it for Halloween years ago but it was washed away by storms and never found despite requests for help looking for it.

The "giant rat" (which really needs a name at this point) was found amid over 20,000 pounds of garbage and gained extra attention after this tweet went viral.  Everyone involved agreed how realistic the fake rodent looks and some said that "if they had seen it on a street, they would’ve run away in fear."

Although the question of its origin is laid to rest, some mysteries still remain. How did it get down the drain in the first place? What will López do with it now? Also, there has been no official word on just how freaked out the workers were when they found it.

On a more serious note, this "giant rat" situation illustrates very real issues that Mexico City is facing with irresponsible disposal of garbage and heavy rains which recently have broken records.  According to Mexico News Daily, the Mayor of Mexico City has made statements in person and on Twitter to address the issue.

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On a scale of 1-10 how freaked out would you be if you saw this rat? 15, maybe? Any suggestions for a name? Tell us in the comments!