It's a match-made-in-heaven ... or in fairy tales. Either way, this story of how this couple found each other again is simply unimaginable.

Fred Paul and Florence Harvey spent two years of high school inseparable. They went to school, to concerts, and to church together. "She was my first love. My first girlfriend and my first true love," Paul, now 84, told CNN. During these two years, Fred flickered his porch light on and off each night to tell Florence good night. When Fred was 18, and Florence 15, they parted ways as Fred moved to find work. A year later, he found that she had moved away.

Fred and Florence each started their own family. Fred was married with two children. Florence also married with five children. In 2017, Florence's husband passed away, and in 2019 Fred's wife passed away. When Florence heard of Fred's wife's passing, she called him to encourage him.

That one phone call quickly turned into weekly phone calls, and then to daily chats on the phone. A few months later, Florence surprised Fred with a visit, and three days after they were reunited, they were ready to get married.

Fred and Florence were married on August 8, 2020. The wedding was a small affair (thanks to the pandemic) at Norval United Church in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. 

"You were the first young man to walk me home in my teens," Harvey told Paul during the ceremony. "I guess you'll be the last man to walk me home." 

After they exchanged vows, Fred brought out his accordion and sang "I Wouldn't Change You if I Could," by Ricky Skaggs. "There were tears in the eyes of all gathered. You couldn't help but feel you were watching a real, live miracle, that you were witness to an unimaginable love story," the church's lead pastor and wedding officiator Paul Ivany said.

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