Talk about a tunnel of love!  

Taking a page out of the book of "forbidden love" but going even further than Pyramus and Thisbe's crack in the wall; a man in Tijuana dug a hole connecting his residence with that of his lover's. Both he and the object of his affection are married to others, so the "tunnel of love" made for easier travel when conducting their secret trysts.

The players in this love triangle—well, there's technically four of them so, square, it's a love square—have only been reported by their first names on social media.  There are, sadly, no details about just how long the tunnel is or even how long the affair had been going on, but the story goes like this:

Alberto, a married construction worker in Mexico was having an affair with a woman named Pamela who was married to a man named Jorge. Jorge had a job in security, presumably at night, which is when Alberto and Pamela would meet up while Alberto's wife (who has so far gone unnamed) was sleeping. Showing a serious commitment to infidelity and forgoing any nosey neighbors or looky-loos, Alberto dug a tunnel that connected the two homes.

But it wasn't even the tunnel that got them caught! Like you've seen in countless movies and TV shows, Jorge came home from work early one evening and caught the dynamic duo "making the beast with two backs" (woot-woot! Another classic literature reference!). It is unclear if Jorge literally caught them in the act or just knew that something was amiss, but he reportedly checked under the bed before spotting Alberto hiding behind a couch.

And then Alberto mysteriously vanished!

It was then that Jorge discovered a hole in the floor near the sofa and must have deduced that was Alberto's exit point. Furious and probably a little confused, he followed the tunnel to its end and found himself in the construction worker's home. Alberto pled with the man he had wronged not to tell his own wife who was asleep in the residence, but guess what? Jorge did! The two then got into a fistfight and the police were called. It was not reported who called the cops but once they arrived, authorities separated the two and took Alberto away to prevent the struggle from escalating.   

And that is all that is known at the time of this writing. The earliest report seems to have been from the LADBible, which hails from the U.K., on December 30. So far, no epic Shakespearean conclusion has been reported.

Can anyone shed some light on this story? What did he use to dig the tunnel? Was it like Andy in The Shawshank Redemption? Let us know in the comments!