His wishes weren't granted.

According to BBC News, an Indian doctor bought what he thought was "Aladdin's lamp" for a whopping $93,000, after being told by two men it would bring him wealth and good fortune. He handed over the money, thinking it was indeed the fabled lamp from the tales of Aladdin.

However, after rubbing the lamp and seeing no genie appear, he went to the police.

"The cheats had struck a deal for much more but the doctor had paid about 7 million rupees," said senior Meerut police officer, Amit Rai, adding that the men had scammed other families with this same approach, to the tune of millions of rupees.

Dr. Laeek Khan of Uttar Pradesh was the most recent victim. He informed police two men told him a "jinn" would appear from the lamp if he rubbed it. He said he had met the two individuals after doing surgery on a woman they said was their sick mother.

The two men called the lamp "Aladdin ka chirag," which means "lamp." They are now being held in custody, while one of their wives who was in on the scam (the patient who received surgery)  is on the run, according to Rai.

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