Really disturbing ...

The Yorkshire Museum in England has closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that has not stopped them from engaging and keeping the knowledge going while at home. They have started weekly hashtag challenge #CURATORBATTLE, and it's all about getting super creepy with history.

Yorkshire Museum challenged museums around the globe to share their #CreepiestObject, and we have to say, some of what has been shared is enough to give anyone night terrors. 

The Challenge:


Welp, no sleep for us tonight ... 

Because this is totally normal and not freaking us out at all

So, yeah ... this is absolutely terrifying.



Watch your head ...

Wait, the head of a what?

Just … wow. 

What’s with all the creepy and cursed fish folk?

If you have not had enough of this madness, hop on Twitter yourself and search the hashtag #CreepiestObject. Just don't thank us all at once ...

What's the creepiest thing you have seen shared in this #CreepiestObject challenge? Share your nightmares with us in the comments.