A new restaurant in Sweden brings a different take on “open-air” dining.

A couple in Sweden has started a one-of-a-kind, one-table dining experience after coronavirus changed the way they interacted with others.

Linda Karlsson and her husband, Rasmus Persson, live in Ransäter, Sweden, and found themselves in a tough spot after the coronavirus outbreak. The couple wanted to follow all safety protocols to stay safe and from spreading the virus. An unexpected drop-in visit from Karlsson’s elderly parents brought the idea to fruition.

Rather than turn them away completely, she and her husband came up with a quick solution; they set up a table in the meadow and served them a socially distant meal through the window. They decided to start a restaurant for one, called the Bord för en ("Table for One"). Delicious food is served in an open-air setting, and it's become “one of the only true Covid-19 safe restaurants in the world.”

They offer a three-course meal and drinks; guests can choose breakfast lunch or dinner. The menu is mainly vegetarian and beverages are non-alcoholic, plus everything is served by rope pulley in an adorable picnic basket. Tables can be booked by reservation only. The family has two kitchens in their home and has designated one exclusively for preparing food for the restaurant. Persson is a trained professional chef and has used the experience to get back into his passion for food and showcase the cuisine he loves to make. 

Plate of food
Courtesy of Bord för en

The concept has been met with rave reviews and has gotten a lot of love from locals and buzz from the dining industry. It has been called “Perfect for these socially distant times” by Food & Wine Magazine, and “The future of dining in a post-COVID-19 world is… singular?" by the Robb Report.

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