Remnants of the lost town emerged following repairs that required draining the lake.

A secret village submerged below water? It sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but in northern Italy, it's anything but fantasy. For 70 years, the Italian village of Curon has been lost to history, save for the 14th-century bell tower peeking out of Lake Resia. Until now.

The lost village of Curon is lost no more. Remnants of the former city emerged last month following construction work that required draining the lake. According to the BBC, residents in the province of South Tyrol took to social media to document the ruins. Ghostly images of the craggy landscape show cellars, walls, and steps that once existed in the thriving town located at the border of Austria and Switzerland.

So how did Curon end up underwater, anyway? It goes something like this: In the aftermath of the Second World War, government officials took up a project to build a hydroelectric plant, which would require merging Lake Resia and Lake Curon. The problem? To create the dam, they would have to flood the town. This displeased the 150 families who had made a home in the alpine village, and despite their objections, authorities proceeded with the plan. Hundreds of residents were displaced, with many emigrating to the town nearby or leaving altogether.

Besides a brief restoration period back in 2009, the town hasn't seen the light of day since 1950.

In the present day, the icy reservoir attracts tourists year-round, whether for hiking during the summer months or gliding on the frozen lake in winter to see the church spire. If a trip to the water now known as Lake Reschen isn't a possibility, you can always catch a glimpse of it on the spooky Netflix series Curon, which is described as a "supernatural drama" centered on an eerie small town and a woman's disappearance.

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