The stuck ship caused what some are calling "the world's largest traffic jam."

The Suez Canal-ship saga has come to an end. After nearly a week of being wedged in the Suez Canal, the massive container ship, Ever Given, is finally free. The 1,312-foot-long ship was traveling from China to the Netherlands through the canal last Tuesday when it became stuck after a dust storm brought in low visibility and high winds.

Not only did the blockage disrupt trade on a global level, billions of dollars worth, it also became an internet star, of sorts, in the form of memes, because, duh:


"Egyptians have succeeded today in ending the crisis of the stranded ship in the Suez Canal," said Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi in a statement.

It took a team of salvage crews, tugboats, and excavating equipment to remove the large ship.

As of right now, it's not certain when ships can continue their journey through the Suez Canal. An investigation is currently on-going as to just how the ship got stuck in the first place. According to reports, one potential "focus of the investigation will probably be on the role of the two Egyptian canal pilots who were supposed to help the boat's captain navigate the canal, and whether any communication failures occurred."

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