In Japan, no one can hear you scream.

Have you been on a rollercoaster and been showered by spit? You brush it off thinking it’s just rain, but deep down you know that you were just drenched in germs. Well, in today’s age of coronavirus, Japanese amusement parks are looking to get rid of that spine-tingling feeling and protect us from unwanted spit.

To curb the spread of coronavirus, a group of major theme park operators in Japan developed a set of guidelines on how to protect guests and employees from the virus. Most of the things on the list were typical (body temperature checks, face masks, and handwashing), but one of the recommendations might take you by surprise. Theme park goers in Japan are being encouraged to avoid shouting, cheering, or screaming on outdoor attractions.

These guidelines were issued by the East and West Japan Theme Park Associations which includes more than 30 major theme park operators in the country, including the ones that operate Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea, and Universal Studios Japan.

According to the operators, screaming generates droplets that leave people’s mouths and spread germs to the riders behind them. Therefore, by keeping our mouths shut, we could battle the spread of COVID-19.

So, what should you do instead of scream? One theme park suggested guests scream inside their hearts instead of screaming out loud. And if you think that’s impossible, you’d be completely wrong. Executives from Fuji-Q Highland theme park near Tokyo recorded themselves screaming inside their hearts on a completely silent rollercoaster ride.

Throughout the four-minute video, the suited executives have deadpan, stoic expressions that clearly show its possible to remain completely quiet on a rollercoaster. They don’t move or show any emotions, except to fix their face mask.

“We received complaints that the theme park association’s request to not make loud noises was impossible and too strict,” said a Fuji-Q spokesperson. “That’s why we decided to release the video.”

As an incentive, Fuji-Q also launched a social media challenge for its non-screaming guests. Anyone who could contain their screams and provide hilarious evidence could win free day passes to the park. These guests are using the hashtags #KeepASeriousFace and #SmileFace to show exactly how they’re screaming inside their hearts while plummeting to the ground at terrifying speeds.  

What’s even funnier is that Fuji-Q Highland is known for its screams. One of the theme park’s most popular and well-known rides is its horror house, Super Scary Labryinth of Fear – Haunted Hospital Containment Ward. Here the ghosts of lingering patients inhabit people’s nightmares and inspire fear. However, it looks like in Japan, no one will be able to hear you scream. 

Although it might sound weird, if you think about it, we’ve all gotten used to screaming inside our hearts. It shouldn’t be a problem at all because we’ve been screaming internally since the start of 2020.

Let us know what you think about these new coronavirus guidelines. Do you think you could ride a roller coaster without screaming? We challenge you to try.