Really gives a new meaning to "personal bubble."

Along with hair cuts, one thing a lot of people have missed during the quarantines and shutdowns is going to the gym or hitting that exercise class. The lack of yoga and hot yoga classes has been lamented by many, however, there may be a solution to get us back into the vibe to feel that sweat and inner peace.

One yoga studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has started a pop-up event that lets each yogi practice in their own literal bubble—and it's something we'd love to see implemented here in the States. LMNTS Outdoor Studios has set up the 50 yoga bubbles, which are geodesic domes, in front of the Hotel X near Lake Ontario. The result is a spacious outdoor yoga studio. The domes are seven feet tall and 12 feet wide and only one person is allowed in each dome. All the domes are evenly spaced out, allowing for class participants to take part in a hot yoga class.

Yoga dome
Courtesy of LMNTS Outdoor Studios (Facebook)

The greenhouse effect of the domes can raise temperatures inside to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but there's a cooling mechanism in each dome to maintain it. They also are equipped with fans and a door that can be opened to vent air if the dome gets a little too hot for comfort. Each dome is professionally cleaned and disinfected after each use. At night, the area becomes an almost ethereal place, with flickering lights in each bubble, as yogis work through their practice under the stars.

From the studio:

“We understand the risks of sharing the same space as others -- which is why our Hot Yoga & Fitness Pop-Up is perfect for those longing to return back to the studio, without the risk and uncertainty of doing so in a shared space.”

The pop-up hot yoga event runs through July 31, 2020. Instructors lead the classes from a raised podium and have videos displayed so they can be seen by all who come to the pop-up. The event is focused on the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire. There are classes held seven days a week with different instructors, and the company is also offering Pilates and other fitness classes in the domes, too.

LMNTS Outdoor Studios reports that the classes are filling up and, in some cases, selling out quickly—and we can see why. The domes allow for a group yoga experience yet gives you a private and socially distant class. 

Check out this video from LMNTS Outdoor Studios that shows a glimpse of the bubble experience:

Participants must sign up in advance and show a photo ID at the event. All class goers will have their temperatures screened and will be asked about COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the studio area. Participants need to bring their own mats and yoga equipment.

The idea of induvial pods may be rising in popularity, as we recently told you about the personal quarantine greenhouses one Dutch restaurant is using to allow people to have safe and socially distant dining-out experiences.

What do you think about this idea of yoga bubbles? Would you take one of these hot yoga classes in a bubble if they came to the United States? Comment below.