Duunnn dunnn ... duunnn dunnn ...

It's not unusual for surfers to encounter sharks—after all, surfers are simply guests in the sharks' territory. One area where sharks have historically been known to frequent is the warm waters off the Southern Cape and Eastern Cape coastline of South Africa. There have been a lot of shark sightings in this area in recent weeks, particularly around the coastline of Plettenberg Bay and between Mossel Bay and Jeffreys Bay, according to Sea Rescue South Africa.

One such sighting was caught on video by a drone, and the encounter looks to be terrifying and thrilling all at the same time.

In the video, a curious large shark can be seen approaching a group of surfers and getting too close for comfort. As the shark becomes more interested, the paddlers and surfers scramble to get out of the way. Thankfully, the big guy moved on, and no one was hurt in this incident.

Watch the video below:

The video was shot by Zachary Berman, 14, who was flying his drone on the beach and captured the intense moment. Berman posted it to his YouTube Channel, and said that he actually warned people on the beach to inform the surfers that the shark was getting close. Berman took up filming sharks with his drone during the recent coronavirus lockdown and has been sharing his footage on his Instagram page.

Here's another bit of footage captured by the budding wildlife documentarian:

The great white shark population appears to be in decline in recent years, despite the increase of these recent sightings. Shark attacks are considered unprovoked when there is no human-initiated contact, however, a provoked attack can happen if humans attempt to feed, pet, or interact with a shark in the wild. Most shark attacks will happen if a shark is confused or scared, which can happen when they intermingle with swimmers and surfers in a crowded area.

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