Friendly dolphins show up to "help" when a rescue call comes in for an emergency at sea. 

When one calls for a rescue at sea, you never know who will show up to help! And in this case, it was some well-mannered dolphins. 

Some jet skiers off the coast of Weymouth, Dorset, England, ran into some mechanical trouble this weekend and ended up getting a very cool surprise when they called for help. 

Weymouth Lifeboat received a call for help on Saturday afternoon after a report of a jet ski fire and a person in the water. The rescue team set out with two lifeboats to render aid. When they arrived, instead of a chaotic rescue things were peaceful; the fire was out and no one was in distress. In fact, it was a happy scene, with two curious local dolphins coming by to see what the fuss was all about. 

Watch the video shared by Weymouth Lifeboat of the two dolphins checking things out:

Officials believe the dolphins followed another boat to the area. The two friendly creatures hung out for about 15 minutes or so and then headed to open water. The jet ski was towed into Weymouth harbor and the rescue teams went back to base to wait for the next call.  

Weymouth Bay is known to have several local dolphins that inhabit the waters. According to the Dorset Echo, three popular ones are known by locals as Danny, Harry, and Will. There has been concern among residents about the dolphins being harassed by boats and by people wanting to get up close to the animals. A great effort is made to educate boat users and visitors to the area on how to safely operate boats and enjoy the water without harming or posing a risk to the dolphins. 

Despite the emergency and jet ski fire, everything turned out okay and these visitors to the area have a wonderful memory and experience with the dolphins they will never forget.