The world has gone haywire.

A video showing a monkey riding a mini motorbike has recently surfaced ... and that's not the reason why it's gaining such popularity!

The scary situation was recorded from a balcony above an alley in Surabaya, Indonesia. The monkey crashes the motorbike by a park bench where a woman and toddlers are sitting, then grabs one of the children and starts dragging her down the alley. The monkey drops the child, then grabs her again.

Watch it here:

Luckily, the monkey doesn't succeed in taking away its captive. Instead, it runs off, leaving its audience stunned.

The child is seen getting up and running back to her friends, allowing watchers a sigh of relief to see she is okay.

However, questions abound as to who the monkey is and what it was doing trying to kidnap a toddler. Many have discussed how the monkey is, in fact, from a street entertainment show, with its handler appearing in the beginning of the video. The video has received millions of views since it first hit the internet, as well as plenty of shares across social media sites.

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