A terrifying scene played out at a kite festival as onlookers watched in dismay.

In a video widely circulated online and on social media, a 3-year-old little girl is shown being whipped through the air like a rag doll after she became tangled in a kite. 

The child was with her family at a kite festival in Hsinchu, Taiwan. She was part of the crowd waiting for a kite to be launched. The kite was being readied to take flight, intended to scatter lollipops for the children watching from the ground, but as the kite was being prepped to launch, the winds picked up, and the child became tangled up in the long tail. 

Once the kite becomes airborne, the audience’s ovations turn to screams and shouts of terror when the child gets dragged into the air by the kite. Onlookers watched as the child remained airborne for over 30 seconds while festival staff and operators tried to lower the kite. The kite whips close to the ground and the child is dropped into the arms of people waiting on the ground. 

Watch the terrifying encounter in the videos below. Please be advised, this may be hard to watch for some viewers:

The brave child was taken to the hospital, but other than some cuts and lacerations, she was not seriously injured.

The festival was shut down shortly after the incident.

An apology was issued by city officials:

“The city government team offers its sincere apology to the victim and the public.m We will review the incident to avoid such an accident from happening again. We will also investigate responsibility and conduct an in-depth review," said Lin-Chih-chien, Mayor of Hsinchu cIty. 

This is an absolute nightmare-like experience for any parent, and we can only imagine the long-term effects this kind of terror might have on the little girl. We're extremely glad that she was not injured, and that she is safe. This video is an example of how quickly a situation can take a terrifying turn and make a day out at the park a horrendous experience.

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