What would you do if a bear was right on your tail as you headed down the slope?

One skier received a crash course in wildlife safety. The captured footage features a skier at a Predeal resort in Romania being chased by a bear. As other skiers were headed up the mountain on the chair lift, they had a bird's-eye view of the chase.

The YouTube poster, Best Documentaries to Watch, shared the video that was originally found on Reddit.

David Creta posted the same incident from a different angle. David shares, "The skier was chased by the bear around 4 pm on the Clabucet Slope. At that moment I was going up with the chairlift to snowboard from the top and I caught this moment with the phone's camera (I'm sorry for the poor quality). Everyone was screaming and whistling to scare the bear but he didn't give up. Finally, the skier threw away his backpack to escape and the bear remained at the backpack, maybe searching for some food."

While it's been years since a bear joined skiers on the slopes of Colorado, the staff at Powderhorn Ski Resort reported bears hibernating on the ski slopes over the winter in 2007. "This was the first season we know of when bears were active on the mountain while we were still in ski season,” said Sarah Allen, Powderhorn spokeswoman.

A polar bear can be seen in this video from 2018 coming up to a wildlife photographer, only to get chased away.

Whether on the slopes or a trail, be sure to keep your distance from wildlife. You shouldn't risk danger by getting too close to a seemingly calm animal ... even for a selfie. Report any significant wildlife to a member of the ski patrol or a park ranger.

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