The dog was caught "paw-handed"!

This entire time during the pandemic, a Welsh woman has been pondering what was happening to her fresh-made cupcakes. So, she set up a hidden camera to figure out if any of her German shorthaired pointer dogs were stealing her delicious desserts ... and was shocked at the culprit!

"She must be a criminal genius," Kara Probin, the owner of the dogs, said to the Daily Mail. "I was shocked when I checked the camera and I saw it was River, I thought it was our other pointer Winnie, as she is the greedy one."

A Wrexham, North Wales citizen, Probin says she has been baking quite a lot during the coronavirus pandemic, but she noticed that at least 15 cupcakes and baked goods had disappeared over time.

"We've been baking all the way through lockdown, and every time we left cake on the side, it would go missing," she said. "I decided to catch them in action, and it turned out it was River."

She posted the video to her Instagram page on Monday, during which three-year-old River smelled, pawed at, and ended up eating two out of three un-iced cupcakes left on the counter. She was able to reach them by standing on her hind legs.


Caught red handed, oops 😳🍰🐾 • Since being in lockdown we’ve spent a lot of time baking and each and every time we’ve had cake stolen off our kitchen counter when we’ve been out the room! I was convinced it was Winnie as she’s the greedy one but I decided to set up a camera to catch the thief in action.... • This video is exclusively managed by Kennedy News and Media. To license or use in a commercial player please contact [email protected] • • • #gsp #gsppuppy #germanshorthairedpointer #gspuk #justagspthing #germanshorthairedpointersofinstagram #pointer #pointerdog #pointersofinstagram #gundog #birddog #puppy #dog #doggo #dogstagram #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #gspsofinstagram #gsplove #gspoftheday #gspcommunity #gspdaily #instapointer #petstagram #petsofinstagram #pointerproblems #gsp_corner

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"They're relatively small for their breed and River is the smallest, so she has to get on her back legs to reach up,” Probin said. “It's always Winnie who has looked guilty, never River, so she has just taken the blame.”

Probin's Instagram platform has been the site for her many adventures with River and Winnie, and she has a following of at least 12,700!

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