Odds don't seem that great, right? You'd be surprised ...

A video posted on April 10, 2020, has recently resurfaced online that shows a wolverine facing off against two large wolves somewhere in the remote wilderness of Russia.

With 2:1 odds, it doesn't seem like the wolverine has much of a chance, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Despite the odds stacked against it, the wolverine manages to walk away from the fight in one piece. The animal then stomps away from the would-be attackers with a sense of pride.

The incredible footage has garnered nearly 2 million views since it was published over a year ago.

Check out the video below:

Although it's a small animal, the wolverine isn't one you'd want to come across. In fact, it's earned quite the reputation as a top predator in the wild. And after watching the video, we can see why.

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