This insane swing takes people out over a cliff ... at 80 miles per hour.

Thrill-seekers and adrenaline-driven folks can add a new destination to their must-do list. The world’s tallest swing just opened in China, and it's about as extreme as a swing can get. This highflyer sits at the edge of a cliff and swings 30 stories high and is certified by the Guinness Book of World record as the “Tallest Swing Frame” on the entire planet. It stands 40 feet taller than the previous record-holder, the B!g Rush in South Africa. 

The giant swing is located at the Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot in south-western China's Chongqing and was built on the edge of a 2,300-foot cliff. The swing sends passengers 80 miles per hour out over the edge of nothing. The structure consists of a 328-foot-tall arch and a 354-foot-tall launching tower, and passengers are strapped in a customized safety harness before being flung as high as can be.

Watch some of the footage of the "World’s Tallest Swing" below:

The ride was originally meant to open early in 2020, however, after construction was completed, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and plans had to change. The grand opening was last week, the swing went under months of testing and is said to withstand a magnitude 10 earthquake, as well as wind gusts up to 103 miles per hour. Visitors will be asked to wear a safety suit, as well as harness and seatbelts. 

“To ensure the security of tourists, we used the structural steel of the world’s highest safety performance and applied advanced technologies such as seamless welding. It’s also anti-thunder and anti-electric and can withstand a magnitude ten earthquakes and level 14 typhoons,” said Li Pengfei, General Manager of Yunyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Chongqing is not new to extreme rides; it also holds a giant rocking chair that faces a 1,000-foot cliff. Thousands of people head to the park every day to try out these extreme swing rides, and this new swing is likely to attract adventure seekers from all over the world.

Does this swing sound like your kind of extreme ride? What's the scariest ride you have ever been on? We want to hear all about it in the comments.