This union solidifies the future of global Anglican communion.

“For all Christians, the connection with the land where Jesus walked is precious. We are pleased to continue to partner with St. George’s College, Jerusalem. Countless students have been shaped and formed by this institution. We cherish the link; we celebrate the connection, and we look forward to the partnership continuing.”

 – The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D., Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS)


In today's ministry environment, having a connection to the Holy Land is imperative for growth. For a domestic seminary to be linked to the very foundation of Christianity establishes a network of men and women who will continue to spread the Gospel and educate those who wish to dedicate their lives in service to God.

The partnership agreement entails that both the Virginia Theological Seminary and St. Geroge's College, Jerusalem commit to praying for one another, to advocate a beneficial future for the Anglican community worldwide, and to collaborate on mutual learning endeavors, such as international education programs.

When two strong mainstays in the same religious community come together, it creates a powerful and sustainable church. With many seminaries in the United States closing their doors, it's nothing short of disheartening in cultivating future religious leaders. By having a strong association with the Holy Land, seminarians have access to Christianity of the past while attending to the needs of Christianity at present. While these two nations are radically different, this relationship bridges the gaps of both distance and spiritual connectedness.