These birds have a thing or two to say, and it ain't pretty!

A wildlife park in eastern England has had to remove several parrots from display after the birds’ foul-mouthed habits got a bit out of control.

Five African grey parrots joined the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park family, but they were all quarantined together before they could join the rest of the animals. However, staff quickly noticed that all five of the parrots—named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson, and Billy—had a rather choice vocabulary. Staff noticed that the birds all had a tendency to set each other off, so when one started cursing, the rest joined on.

Chief executive of the wildlife park Steve Nichols told CNN that getting a donation of a bird that swears is not that unusual, as they get them three or four times a year; however, all five of these birds were donated to the park within the same week, which is a little unusual. African greys are one of the most popular species of parrot to get for a pet, and the park has seen an influx of donations over the pandemic.

“It just went ballistic, they were all swearing," Nichols told CNN. "We were a little concerned about the children. He added "I get called a fat t**t every time I walk past. They literally, within a very short period of time, starting swearing at each other," Nichols said. "'F**k off' is the most common one," he revealed, "it's a very easy one for them to learn.” 

Nichols says the birds can utter "anything you can think of." He also shared that when people start laughing at the birds, it eggs them on and they just start swearing again. 

Some park visitors enjoyed the bird’s colorful vocabulary, though concern for younger customers caused officials at the park to move the five parrots and place them in separate areas of the park. They are hoping that the separation will tone down the language. The hope is that the parrots will learn natural calls from other parrots in the park. If not, at least they will not be altogether in a flock to hurl questionable profanities at the young visitors to the park. 

“People have come to us but they think it’s highly amusing, we haven’t had one complaint,” he said. “When a parrot tells you to f--k off, it amuses people very highly. It’s brought a big smile to a really hard year.”

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park wildlife park hosts many types of animals that acts as a long-term sanctuary with animals from all over Europe. Along with Europe’s largest collection of Bengal tigers, the park also houses one of the world’s largest parrot rescues.

The park made headlines a few weeks ago for another parrot’s vocal talents. Chico, a 9-year-old Yellow-crowned parrot who sings Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Gnarls Barkley, and Lady Gaga songs. Listen to the parrot sing Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” in the video below:

Hopefully, the parrots will clean up their language, although we have to admit, we would visit a wildlife park for the sole purpose of catching an earful from one of these expletive-hurling parrots. What do you think about these dirty-mouthed birds? Let us know in the comments.