This is on a whole other level ...

A 24-year-old woman ended up faking her own wedding as an act of revenge against her ex-boyfriend. Sarah Vilard of Frankfurt, Germany, staged a wedding via a photoshoot to get her ex off her back. Claiming he "was toxic and used to stalk me," Vilard posed with a wedding dress and fake groom to make it really seem like she had tied the knot!

She shared her plan onto TikTok, including multiple photos of her hugging her new husband. And did it help her case against her ex? Yes. Yes, it did!


Yup I’m crazy

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"This was back in 2019 ... I knew if I [didn't] do it, I might go back with him ... I thought the only way to stop this was to make him think I got married," admitted Vilard.

After staging the fake wedding, Vilard said, "I deleted the wedding pictures right after he saw them and blocked him everywhere ... He stalked me and came up to my house for the next few weeks but then finally moved on and even left the country."

It seems maybe faking a wedding was the right call, right?

After posting this story on TikTok, Vilard has gained at least 2.4 million views on the platform. Although some have criticized her for stooping to this level, others have said they "love the pettiness" of her actions, and Vilard has gained multiple new fans on TikTok.

Vilard said, “Of course I got hate but I know there are also people that respect what I did as long as it was good for my own amusement or mental health, or even just felt right to me."

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