I love a good, feel-good story. This one is especially touching because it reminds us to believe in the kindness of people. 

Crysti Shirley saw a Facebook plea she felt she couldn’t ignore. It was her former co-worker Maysa Slominski’s cousin who needed a kidney transplant, and time was running out. Crysti felt something in her heart and soul telling her she needed to do something. 

And so she did. Crysti donated her kidney to Jim Abed and saved his life.

Jim Abed, from Fairfax, Virginia, had been on a kidney transplant waitlist for over two years, and his chances were not looking good. Against the family’s wishes, Jim's cousin Maysa decided to go on Facebook and ask if anyone could help him. She felt that there wasn’t much she could do, but she could do this. And for a while, there was no response. But about a month later, Crysti came across the Facebook post from her former co-worker, and everything changed. 

According to Fox News, the Facebook post caught Crysti's eye. 

“’When I say caught my eye, I mean gave me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach. It was the story of someone’s loved one who needed an O kidney. I knew in my heart that I was meant to give him my kidney. I can’t explain it.’”  

Both have completed their surgeries and are now recovering. 

My heart -- and I hope yours -- is truly touched. 

Check out the full article on Fox News here

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Courtesy of foxnews.com

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