While we were all (STILL) waiting for April to have her baby, another little one was born at the Denver Zoo - a fishing cat!

A few weeks ago, we brought you news of a surprise pregnancy and birth at the Denver Zoo - Dobby the giraffe. Now, we're here to remind you once again that April, the stubborn giraffe from New York, is not the only pregnant zoo animal around. Miso-Chi, a fishing cat, was born on Jan. 25 to mother Namfon and father Ronaldo. The little cutie is the first fishing cat to be born at the Denver Zoo, and we can't yet say whether the kitten is male or female, as the sex has not been determined. To catch a sighting of the kitten, you can find it diving for fish at the Maynelle Philpott Fishing Cat Lagoon along with his mother.
If you looked at the headline and asked yourself, "What on Earth is a fishing cat?" you're in the right place! As their name would suggest, fishing cats are powerful swimmers which are found throughout India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, Java and Pakistan. fishing cat While these little guys may look like your average house cat, they actually grow to about twice the size, getting to about two or three feet long and weighing around 26 pounds. fishing cat It's estimated that there are less than 10,000 fishing cats left in the wild, and their numbers are continuing to decline. To learn more about fishing cats and the efforts to save them, visit fishingcatconservancy.org. All photos courtesy of the Denver Zoo/Facebook

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