Please do not kidnap opposing colleges' live animal mascots.

One of Air Force's falcon mascots was injured this past weekend in New York during Air Force's trip to Army. The injuries were originally thought to be life-threatening, but the bird, Aurora, seems to be improving and is even flying around.

According to an Air Force representative, the injuries were reportedly sustained during a college prank, in which Aurora was removed from an Army colonel's home by West Point cadets. 

Army apologized for the incident in a statement, and said the matter is under investigation. If Army cadets are found to have caused the injuries, the statement said, West Point will handle discipline.

Air Force released an update regarding Aurora's condition, stating that she is improving and able to fly.

We are glad to hear the falcon is likely to be okay, and it won't shock us if, during the next Air Force-Army game (in Colorado Springs), the Air Force student section gives the Army cheering section ... the bird.

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