A body of a West Ocean City resident was discovered in a creek near Waterview Drive.

West Ocean City is a rather quiet place. It's not every day that dead bodies are discovered. So when a body was found in a West Ocean City creek last Sunday, December 30, the community was shocked and saddened. 

According to The Dispatch, Berlin's Maryland State Police troopers responded to a call about a deceased body in the waterfront area near Waterview Drive. Soon after, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police also showed up and assisted the state police with retrieving the victim's body from the water.

The victim was identified as Paul Scott, a 68-year-old West Ocean City resident, and the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation was called in to investigate the circumstances that could've led to Scott's death.

Over the course of the investigation, officers learned that Scott had a boat that he kept near that area and that after rainstorms, he would pump water out of the vessel. So, officers believe that Scott drowned in the creek while attempting to get rid of the water in his boat. While the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation does not suspect foul play in the Scott case, they're still going to investigate further and have already sent his remains to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to have an autopsy done.

Let's all take a moment to acknowledge Scott's lost life and the grief his family is going through.

What do you think about this West Ocean City case? Do you have anything you'd like to say to the Scott family? Or did you know Paul Scott and have any stories to tell? Let us know in the comments below!

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