Gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler went on the record to voice his doubt that Colorado's 2013 gun control laws - specifically the magazine ban - deter criminals or save lives.

After the Aurora theater shooting, the Colorado legislature began working on a legislative gun control package. One of the provisions that was ultimately signed into law prohibits Coloradans from purchasing or owning new 30-round magazines. Today, it is illegal for anyone to purchase, acquire, or own a firearm magazine with a capacity larger than 15-rounds, unless it was possessed before the law was enacted. Because magazines that are made outside the state are not required to have date stamps, the ban is essentially impossible to enforce. The magazine ban led to multiple Colorado state-lawmakers getting recalled from office the following year and the law's repeal has been part of the Colorado Republican Party's platform ever since.
We asked Georgee Brauchler point blank whether he has encountered a criminal case where the suspect cared about Colorado's magazine ban. His answer? "No." Not one time, and I'll go more than that. As someone who prosecuted the Aurora theater shooter, I will tell you that the size of the magazine was irrelevant to this guy. He brought with him to that theater that night 700 rounds of ammunition. If we had a 20-round magazine, 15, 10, two... it would not have mattered to that guy. He would have brought that many more magazines and been prepared to do that much damage anyway. That is a feel-good piece of legislation that I'm still waiting for someone here, there, or anywhere to demonstrate actually saved lives. I don't see it.