Good news, Coloradans! We were recently found to be one of the states that’s safest from natural disasters.

Nothing feels worse than worrying about being in danger, and the fear of natural disasters can be debilitating for some people. Well, we have good news for anyone in Colorado who’s scared of being caught in the path of a natural disaster! World Atlas recently did a study on the safest places to live in a bunch of different categories, from workplace safety to road safety, emergency preparedness to frequency of traffic accidents and just about everything in between. The threat of natural disasters is an important consideration before moving to a new state. Threats like hail, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, droughts,and tornados are the most commonly thought-of natural disasters, and we’re reasonably safe from all of them! It’s mostly logical, seeing as we can’t really have hurricanes or other ocean-related calamities. The top three states for safety from natural disasters are Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. So, if you’re looking for a reason to visit Colorado and the amazing mountains… [gallery size="large" ids="6338,6339,6340"] ...sweeping plains… [gallery size="large" ids="6341,6342,6343"] ...and beautiful cities and towns… [gallery size="large" ids="6344,6345"] ...weren’t enough to convince you, here’s yet another reason why Colorado is the best place you could ever come to.

Looking for some beautiful ways to see the state when you’re here? These country roads are sure to show you the beauty of Colorado!