If you feel like you're drowning in child care costs every month, you're not alone!

Though there are a lot of perks to living in Colorado, cost of living isn't necessarily one of them. A new report put out by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee states that Colorado ranks third in highest average infant care costs ($14,950 per year) and then ranks seventh in highest average child care costs for a 4-year-old ($11,089 per year). With costs as high as these, how do people with young children make it financially? Infant care accounts for 19.5 percent of a median family income, while that percentage becomes 49.8 percent of a single mother's median income. child care Only the District of Columbia and Massachusetts rank higher in annual infant care costs, at $22,658 and $17,082, respectively. Mississippi averaged the cheapest infant care, at $5,045 per year, making up 11.2 percent of a median family income. Read the full U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee report for more details and statistics on every state!

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