Reagan National Airport is kicking Congressmen and Senators out of the reserved lots so construction workers can begin working on the airport's expansion project.

If you listen closely, you can hear the world's tiniest violin playing. Starting in June, Members of Congress will lose access to the 89 VIP parking spots at DCA for the next four years. The move comes as the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority makes room for construction crews who will be working on the airport expansion project. Congressmen and Senators have enjoyed these VIP parking spots for years. In addition to free VIP parking at DCA, they are also given parking perks at Dulles International Airport as well. Thanks to DCA’s expansion, they’re going to have to walk a little bit further to the terminal for the next couple of years. Construction workers and contractors will be the only ones allowed to park in the VIP restricted parking spaces until at least 2021.

"While it may not seem like a major perk, it is still one of the coveted benefits of being a member of Congress," explained David Williams of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. "Now, maybe they will know what it's really like for travelers trying to catch a flight without having special parking privileges. Let's hope this gives them at least them at least a little bit of appreciation for the many inconveniences travelers face every day." Williams may have spoken too soon, however. While Members of Congress will lose their reserved VIP spots, they will instead be offered free and unlimited access to the passenger parking garages and lots. Back in 2015, Members of Congress used the DCA passenger lots hundreds of times, costing taxpayers more than $130,000. Traditionally, members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and the United States Diplomatic Corps have been allowed to park in the passenger lots of DC-area airports if the reserved VIP parking spots were already taken. Many have long called for Congress to be forced to pay for parking the same way that average citizens do. While that doesn’t seem likely, your Congressmen and Senators will have to rough it just like the rest of us and park in the regular long-term parking lots, at least for a little while.  What do you think? Should Congress get to park at Reagan and Dulles for free? Let us know in the comments below!

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